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April 05, 2010


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Liz, Thanks for this sneak preview of our photo's. They are great. It is a wonderful reminder to see how blessed we are, so precious. Also you were so great with all of them, especially Nico, my 3 yr old Boss:)
Thanks again

I am soooooo loving the baby's hair! Beautiful pictures! I am going to do twins and a 3 year old soon myself. I love the kids but babies are always harder for me if they are tiny tiny. Must work on that...

liz, you take such amazing pictures. what a beautiful family.
im still marveling over the photos you took of our sweet girl! =)
victoria nelson
(moriah's mom)

hi victoria- thank you for your kind words... i would love to come visit sweet moriah and take some more for you! xo, liz


liz de Puydt Photography


So nice to meet you yesterday at your gallery. Thank you for being so kind and gracious to a beginning photographer. Your photography is amazing! I left inspired to continue my journey!

San Jose

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